This brand¬†new,¬†amazing rendition of John Lennon’s¬†“Imagine” is salve on humanity’s self-inflicted wounds of separation. It is a¬†celebration of tone, tune, and the powers of creative resonance¬†and connection that make humanity so incredibly precious and so vulnerably strong.

We can all make choices: To connect or turn away, to embrace or spurn, to accept what makes¬†us into a tapestry of humanity … or to¬†force false borders and invent¬†pseudo-hierarchies of power or¬†worth.

We can weave patterns of light or dig trenches of fear. We can live harmony or feed chaos.

This much I know: Humanity’s beauty is in its humaneness. In all forms of Kind.


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English: Tough Enough?

Bel Air Library Baltimore


English …

The impossible nuance of words that do not follow through

And rules that leave one without clue

Enough to grow a frown on many brow

As they doggedly attempt to plough

A minefield of delivery so rough

It leaves them¬†justifiably gruff …


This video never fails to make me … laugh!


A Beauty In Numbers

Each multitude

Is made of individuals.

Each crucial

Together forming


More than

Any sum.



Abundance of blues. Photo by Yuri Okhlopkov

Abundance of blues (Photo by Yuri Okhlopkov)



school of fish

School of Fish (Photo Credit Unknown)


Flamingos. Alex Shar

Flamingos (Photo: Alex Shar)

Twister Photo by Norbert Probst

Sheep in line--Photo credit unknown

Sheep in Line (Photo Credit Unknown)


Even …

Decked Out Ducks. Photo-Boston Magazine

Decked-out Ducks (Photo: Boston Magazine)

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Stressful Situations Simulation: A resource

Below is¬†a good resource and¬†simulation of stressful situations that can be immensely helpful to parents and caregivers. I¬†especially recommend¬†the ones involving “Family Support”:¬†“Calm Parents,¬†Healthy Kids” and “Building Family Bonds.” These scenario simulations¬†inform, teach, and actively guide¬†parents and caregivers¬†through¬†various scenarios of interactions with¬†toddlers in¬†commonly challenging¬†situations.

The resource¬†can be invaluable information for¬†parents and caregivers who are inexperienced and/or may have had less than good enough parenting themselves, and who may not know how to facilitate¬†clear, supportive interaction with¬†their own children, especially under stress. The simulation¬†is presented in a non-shaming, educational way, and provides the participant with an active role in choosing different ways of responding … and being able to see the possible reactions to them … It also allows the participant to¬†‘re-do’ situations so they can experience¬†how better choices can bring better results …

Practicing¬†is important for any skill, let alone for skills one needs¬†to apply in¬†stressful situations. The¬†very way our brain processes information is affected when we’re stressed, so¬†it helps to already know what to do beforehand. Also, our own stress and how we manage it gets communicated and passed onto¬†children in our care. This makes it doubly important to¬†learn and practice¬†(and then be able to model)¬†new skills¬†when one is¬†calm and in neutral situations–as this simulation¬†allows one to¬†do.

Calm, informed caregivers help raise calm, healthy, competent kids. This can help!

I highly recommend you take a look and see:

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