Apples in Applath

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Perfect for anyone age 12 and up!


Red headed Marcus lost his parents as a baby, his grandma at age nine and his freedom at ten. Now he is on the run with two of his cell mates and one of them is gravely injured. Where can they go, who will help, and how will Marcus know whether to trust his friends or the ragtag group of runaways and the recluse bear of a man who harbors them? When the worst happens, will he put his own freedom on the line and at what cost?

“A page turner! … Read this book! You’ll be glad you did!” 

“A very impressive book! Beautifully done! Some things can be controlled, and others can’t. What do you do when life sets you on an unfair path?”

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About the Author: Na’ama Yehuda lived on three continents, is one of seven sisters, and adores children, goats, beaches, and good stories. She is an accomplished Speech Language Pathologist, and award-winning writer, a blogger and poet. “Apples in Applath” is her fourth book and third novel.