Small Staple

Hubeza2 NaamaYehuda

Photo: Na’ama Yehuda


Small and humble,

It fills bellies,

When there’s no

Choice of grain.

The green leaves,

The tiny fruit,

Pantry for

Times of pain.




For the Sunday Still’s challenge: #Close and #Green



18 thoughts on “Small Staple

    • It is Malva nicaeensis – a wild plant that grows in fields and empty lots and uncultivated gardens in Israel and the environs. The plant’s leaves are edible (often used in salads and/or omelettes or stir-fried), and the tiny sectioned fruit — about the size of the finger-pad of your pinky — is edible raw as well as cooked, and has a bit of a nutty flavor (it is fun to nibble on the sections bit by bit, as kids often do). The importance of the plant can be seen in it’s name in Arabic: it is called “khubeza” (which is derived from the word “khubz” – “Bread”), for how essential it can be in times of scarcity (and siege and war …). It is a pretty little thing, too, with pink flowers. It is a delicacy even when it is not necessary for survival. חוביזה (חלמית)


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