Outlawed Hope

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OH_mdOutlawed Hope 
by Na’ama Yehuda

Published December 4, 2013, Re-printed October 2017

Synopsis: Abandoned as an infant, adopted, and then forgotten until seventeen, Aimee was raised for an unknown future. Outlawed Hope is her story, the story of the Outlaws who birthed her, the Society that raised her, and the infant she finds.
Aimee needs to save the infant from a future she knows too well. Through dangerous close calls, Aimee discovers that she isn’t who she thought she was, and nor are those around her. Why was she abandoned? Who found her?
For the truth, Aimee must face stunning revelations. She is trained to comply, but cannot—it would doom her and the baby she struggles to protect. Can she find another way, and at what cost?
Outlawed Hope is a story of loss, unexpected empathy, brutality, and heartfelt resilience.

Advance reviews:

A story of escape and capture, the power of hope, and the heroics necessary to ensure a child’s future.”  Meredith Blevins, The Hummingbird Wizard (The Mystic Café)

Reminiscent of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, Outlawed Hope is a compelling, fast-paced novel set in a less-than-utopian society. We feel the race of Aimee’s pulse as we follow the twists and turns of her journey, meeting various characters who help, hinder, sabotage, and heal both her past and future. In this first novel by Na’ama Yehuda, change is given the ride of its life and hope is anything but outlawed.” Adele Ryan McDowell,
Author of Amazon Bestseller Balancing Act: Reflections, meditations and Coping Strategies for Today’s Fact Paced Whirl.

What readers are saying:

  • “An amazing book!
  • One of the best!”
  • “Thrilling!”
  • “A sublime read!”
  • “Outstanding”
  • “Brilliant, enchanting story telling”
  • “A captivating and addicting page turner!”
  • “A winner!”


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6 thoughts on “Outlawed Hope

    • Yay, Kevin! Thank you and I hope you enjoy it. Am glad you had a chance to poke around the site a bit — I don’t update all the pages as frequently as I probably ought to, but life does life … 🙂
      So glad you decided to read “Outlawed Hope” and will be delighted to get your feedback!
      🙂 Na’ama


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