Fixer Upper

Photo prompt: © Penny Gadd


“It that better?”

“No! You made it worse!”

“Sorry. What direction?”

“To the right! No, the left. I mean, to my right, not your right! There. No! Stop! You over did it. Now it’s worse again.”

“Fine. I’ll go slowly. Tell me when.”

“When. I mean, not yet. Stop! No, a little more.”

“Are you sure it isn’t straight? You’re a little lopsided yourself. Have a sip of water, maybe.”

“I’m fine. Stop micromanaging me. I’m concentrating. Shush and let me see …”

“Go ahead. Take your time. Don’t mind me. I’ll just perch here and twiddle my vines.”




For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers


42 thoughts on “Fixer Upper

  1. Na’ama Y’karah,

    Now that you mention it, the plant does look like it’s trying to straighten the picture. The dialogue sounded a lot like my husband and me when we collaborated on arranging knickknacks on a ledge we have over the kitchen. He arranged while I directed. 😉 Fun story but that plant would put me on edge a bit.




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      • I’m sure he would hire out…hehe! Actually, he’s not really very good at building things (splintered wood on the new bookcase as a reminder). But, he thought he was helping so I’ll be nice about it and super glue and paint over the nick while he’s at work.

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