A Slice Of The Big Apple

Sliced apples


Sometimes the core of the issue

Can find growth in the yard

But the meat of the matter

Is what you must not discard …


Note: New York State is known for its apples. Also, New York City is called “The Big Apple” … with multitudes of people wanting to have a slice of that apple for themselves … So, though the photo may not be the ‘traditional’ way of portraying the ‘apple-appeal’ of the City, I’d like to think you’d agree that at the very least it shows it in a very digestible manner … πŸ™‚


For the Sunday Stills photo challenge: State/City symbols

16 thoughts on “A Slice Of The Big Apple

    • Yay!
      Thanks! I figure it was ‘kosher’ even if it was ‘just’ for the State of NY, given how apples are part of what we’re known for … But “The Big Apple” (reduced to slices in this photo, but I can guarantee you, VERY delicious still), was just too good to pass on … πŸ˜€

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