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A note about confidentiality: Other than in cases where I have express permission to share them; all identifying details in clinical anecdotes and vignettes on this blog are disguised to maintain and protect clients’ confidentiality.

Contact me: Have a comment or a question? Feedback or idea? I will be delighted to hear from you! Please enter your name and email address (see examples in the boxes), add your website if you have it, and send me your thoughts.

Please note: I cannot promise confidentiality for clinical queries that you may post on this public blog, so if your question is clinical in nature, please limit comments and feedback to general queries, and do not share details that are private or confidential.

Posted views are my own unless specifically stated otherwise. There may be other approaches and ideas that are just as valid or worth considering. Though based on clinical experience, advice on this blog is general, and is not intended to nor should be taken in lieu of seeking clinical help and individually tailored specific advice.

If you have a clinical query, feel free to email me directly at: (please understand that there are limitations to email confidentiality). I will do my best to answer you or direct you.

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