Earth’s Meditation

yellow dry maple

Photo: Kadri Vosumae on


“Do you know?” she asked,

Ankles deep in gold leaves.

“Do you know what the earth

meditates upon in autumn?”

“Ask the acorns,” he said.

“Query the roots of the trees.”

“Would they not,” she returned,

“Tell only their thoughts?

Would they hear the earth’s song

Over that of their seed?”

“Ask the squirrels, then,” he sighed

Rake in hand, a wind urging

His work to proceed.

“Or the sky, or the clouds

Or your own heart

Beneath that old tweed.

Ask the earth

As it speaks to the autumn,

While the soles of your feet

Fill these bags

Top to bottom.”



For dVerse Tuesday Poetic: the question as poetry



In Contrast

butterfly SmadarHalperinEpshtein

Photo: Smadar Halperin-Epshtein


The days stretch on

In sun and shade,

Highlighting the contrast

To the lifespan of

A butterfly,

Its new wings splayed

In the warmth

To dry.

And I wonder

What the ancient rock thinks,

In contrast,

Of the human


Fleeting by.


For One Word Sunday: Contrast


Vintage Ride

vintage cuba atarakatz

Photo: Atara Katz


As you rumble along

Under skies

Blue like song,

Do you travel


To the past

In this car?

What new memories

You’d share

Of what’s found

Over there?

Do days gone

Still speed on

Scene by scene

Gray and green

By the glean

Of your machine?



For the Sunday Stills Challenge: Vintage



This Little Light

Light SmadarHalperinEpshtein

Photo: Smadar Halperin-Epshtein


This little light

That shines

This little light

So fine

This little hand


May your wonder

In wonder




For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Lights


Wonder On

fairy girl Osnat HalperinBarlev

Photo: Osnat Halperin-Barlev


May we never stop to wonder.

May we never lose a dream.

May the image in our spirit

Find its way into our realm.

May the fairies that can flutter

In our younger, fresher soul,

Move forth awe and harvest marvel

To grow us closer to our whole.



For The Daily Post

Temporarily Forever

Almond bloom AmitaiAsif

Photo: Amitai Asif


The tender bloom stays but few days

Yet made of atoms forged

In times

Before eons,

And will remain

As it transforms

To almond, seed, tree, earth, person:

All life’s




For The Photo Challenge



May tenderness infuse your heart

In every turn you take

May warmth envelope every day

And soften all your cares

May awe and joy flow in your soul

Like sunbeams in the air

May your see caring, everywhere.

It is already there.








The Wonder of Wondering

A mom of a client tried to find a day to reschedule a session that they were going to miss next week. She could not find ‘an opening’ in her five-year-old’s schedule in the next SEVERAL weeks.
“We may have more time in March,” she murmured, peering at her iPhone screen. “No, actually, that’s when his sports club changes, so I don’t know if he’ll have time then.”

Aside from speech-therapy, which he needed because of a small deformity in his mouth which affected the clarity of his speech; this five-year-old had baseball, soccer, drama, piano, chess, guitar lessons, and tutoring (for kindergarten preparation–the latest hit in urban upper class–this mom is actually behind the curve because she ‘only’ started him at age three, and not earlier…). He also had two playdates scheduled–in the several weeks ahead, there was no time for more–one to take place at a museum and the other at a movie theater followed by a pizza place.
Al of those were activities to fit after his preschool was done at 2pm each day or on weekends. Sunday was especially busy, apparently, with double tutoring, so he “not fall behind on no school days.”

“When does he play?” I wondered aloud.

The mom looked mildly surprised at the question. “Oh, he plays a lot. He plays soccer, baseball, chess…”

I smiled. “I meant when does he have time for unstructured play, to just be in his room with his toys and use his imagination and daydream and make up stories for himself?”

The mom nodded dismissively, “Oh, yeah, I know that’s good for his development, but he’s just too busy right now. He does read, though. He’s up to level 2 now. Every night he has to read his words before he goes to sleep.”


The wonderful power of wondering was completely lost on the mother, swept up as she was in the rush of demands an requirements, competition, check-marks, and achievement.

It made me wonder, too, about whether she herself knew how to just be, if she still remembered how to play.

Do you?

Do you set aside time for musing and refilling your tank of creativity and playfulness?

How much time does your child have for play? Does he lose himself in fantasy, imagination, and the wonder of wondering?

It is the job of childhood to be at play. To invent, experiment, inquire, speculate, dream with eyes wide open, animate toys, get slightly bored and think of nothing and everything, walk slowly outside and collect pieces of leaves, paper, dirt. It is the job of childhood to socialize, assign roles in joined mimicking of adult-roles and fantastic stories, negotiate with peers and make your own rules, unencumbered by adults who demand you follow the ‘rules-of-the-game’ instead.

Surely there is time a child should spend in listening, following directions, and learning. There is room for rules and consequences, routines and chores. However, losing the balance between adult-led and child-inspired, tilts childhood off its axis. How can a child who does not have the time to breathe and get a little bored, learn how to entertain himself, day-dream, imagine, be truly creative, be a child, play?

When is the last time you deeply reconnected with wonder? If you cannot say, then it is time to stop, watch a child getting lost in a bubble, let them be, and find your own path to some play.

Photo Credit to S.E.

Photo Credit to S.E.