Or Not

blue plastic frame desk globe

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The sun will warm


Or far

Too hot.

The water that sustains

Will flood


Or not.

The tenet that prevails


This magic of a planet

To protect

We ought,

Or an ultimatum

Spurred by greed

With life as


Will render what we


And what we for our

Children hoped,

Into a disaster

We had let be





For Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Ultimatum in 62 words



Up in Shame

earth desert dry hot

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When the world hollows out

And the sun cooks up blame,

Don’t forget there were times

When we’d known

The con-game,

And yet chose –

To our shame –

Truth’s very core to



We allowed

A shell-game

To carve the Earth


In flames.



For dVerse Quadrille Monday: Up


It is Time

It is time Na'amaYehuda (2)

Photo: Na’ama Yehuda


It is time to make time

For the truth

Of what happened.

It is time to make space

For what some wished

Not be known.

It is time to take heed

Of the lengths went

To smother

The misdeeds and bad choices

So the fake

Will take hold.

It is time to revisit

Civic duty and justice

And refuse to permit

Free reign for hate,

Greed and lies.

It is time to return

To the truth.

For in fact it has long been

Well way past

The time.




For December Squares: Time


Lust Will Not Last

Park Alonim by Orly fuchs galchen

Photo: Orly Fuchs Galchen


Some lust for power, covet shaming another, feed off anger and ire.

Some desire control, step on laws, trample all, heed no call but their gall.

Some relish what’s cruel, find odd joy in the crude, equate strength with the rude.

In their greed to succeed, they maim truth, cripple fact

And attack anyone who attempts to talk back.

But fear not:

Lust turns old

Greed grows cold

Lies don’t hold.

In the end, it’s foretold:

Truth takes root

Hearts bear fruit

Love unfolds

Life’s real gold.



For The Daily Post



We all need reprieve

From war

From cruelty

From violence

Driven by power

Urged by greed.

We all need reprieve

From sorrow

From loss

And worry

A release

From need.

May we reach out in care

To spare


And let decency

And hope

Be freed.



For The Daily Post

The Best Things in Life



We have likely all been told that “the best things in life aren’t things.” It rings true enough, and it feels nice to say it–to know that someplace it is Truth–and yet the knowing gets askance too often. Not because we don’t believe the veracity of the declaration, but because it is difficult not to value “stuff” or to ignore the very tangible importance of “things.”

It is not about possessiveness or being greedy, even: “stuff” does very much keep us alive. We all need food, shelter, clothing, blankets to keep us warm, diapers for the baby, books and school supplies, dishes, pots, good shoes. We may need–in varying necessities–phones and computers, cars or bikes or Metro-cards, refrigerators, a place and way to cook, wash our bodies and our clothing. We certainly all require clean water, healthy air, protection from the elements, from violence and harm. We need care in time of illness.

(For more about helping provide clean water, check: Charity:Water)

In our Westernized, motorized, modernized, accessorized life, we may indeed require quite a few “things” to allow us to get to, do, and keep our job. We need to put aside resources for a rainy day (and may need gutters and galoshes for a similarly more literal day, too). We better save for retirement, consider life insurance to protect dependents if we have them, ask for a raise if we had earned it, quote fair payment for our services.

It is easy to look at sayings about “the best things in life aren’t things” as overall smile-worthy but not terribly practical realities. Something to say when one wants to comfort another who lost their life’s saving in a market crash, their house to a fire, or their designer boots to slushy sidewalks. It is something to tsk-tsk about when a “thing” awakens the small green nibbling worm of jealousy, or when we witness outright excessive greed.

And yet, even with the “things” we need and the “stuff” we want and the possessions we accumulate, require, and acquire–the Truth remains: The best things in life indeed are not things. No matter how much we need things, items, technology, materials and goods and measurable contents; these items are not what a best life make.

Connection does. The togetherness of happy moments. The contentment of a job-well-done or of creative engagement. The giggle of a baby, the eye-contact that brings on an attack of silly belly-laugh. The exhalation of waves upon the sea, the whisper of leaves in the forest or the big-sky of the prairie. These are the makers of best lives.

As is Love, as is Beauty. The warm breath of a sleeping toddler in your arms. The mere presence of a loved one. A memory of fondness. A swell of gratefulness. The depth of prayer. Awe. Hope. Faith. More love.

Those are the things that are not things and yet make the “stuff” we need, worth having. They give meaning to keeping our bodies and our souls connected, help us get through the times when “things” turn scarce and worries many. They make life thrive. They are how tapestries of hearts are woven.

The running feet of little ones, the concentration on their earnest faces. The solving of a pesky problem. An ‘aha’ of understanding. A common bond. The wonder of belonging, rather than belongings. The sweetness of a ripe fruit. The saltiness of tears overflowing a full heart. The blessing of knowing.

May the things that are not things keep a full presence in your soul’s pantry, may your mind be rich, and may you never go bereft of wonderment and heart-ship.

Photo Credit: S.E.

Photo Credit: S.E.