Wagon Trail

wagon trail PhilipCoons

Photo: Philip Coons


Hitch the horses to the carriage,

Pack the trunk

(Or wagon) full.

There’s a lot yet to discover,

As we hit the road.

Now pull!



For the Tuesday Photo Challenge: Road



Rail Road

rail road PhilipCoons

Photo: Philip Coons



Where the rail

Meets the road

And the gravel

Kisses tracks,

Linger not

At the cross-point.

For the trains

Will chug on

And engines run

Because they can.



For the Which Way Challenge


She Drives

down the mountain AtaraKatz

Photo: Atara Katz


Down the mountain

She drives

As fields await wheat

To arrive.

Down the mountain

She strives

Arrow straight

To a new life.



For Wits-End Photo Challenge: Road


Shuttered Way

downhill SmadarHalperinEpshtein

Photo: Smadar Halperin-Epshtein


Old way down stony hill

Many shutters hold still.

Do aged walls

Yet recall

What in past time rang through:

“Gardez l’eau, Gardez l’eau…”?



For Cee’s Which Way Challenge


Let the Road

Let the road

Take you home



Let the path

Call your spirit


Let the sky

Draw your eye


To the line

To the fairies


Do not fear

The dark road


Do not fret

Paths so endless



There are stairs

Up to heaven

There are rails

Bound for home



Let the road

Find direction

And a handhold —

Lean on




As the road

Marks your steps



Leads the way

Takes you home.