Let the Road

Let the road

Take you home



Let the path

Call your spirit


Let the sky

Draw your eye


To the line

To the fairies


Do not fear

The dark road


Do not fret

Paths so endless



There are stairs

Up to heaven

There are rails

Bound for home



Let the road

Find direction

And a handhold —

Lean on




As the road

Marks your steps



Leads the way

Takes you home.






3 thoughts on “Let the Road

  1. So beautiful! That would guide many soul to home, wherever it might be, near or far or out of this world. Thank you for the imagery and the amazing words. Na’ama, you have a true gift.


    • Aww…thank you, Shielagh! May we all find our way home–wherever that home may be at a given day, wherever we need to be or hang out a while or get to or rest in till daylight or a better time. Let our roads get us home. Hugs! Na’ama


  2. beautiful post, na’ama. xx

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