Shadows’ Way

shadows NaamaYehuda (2)

Photo: Na’ama Yehuda


As the shadows lengthened

At the end of day,

She paused,


On the direction

Of her way.




For Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Shadows

And while we’re at it, for today’s Which Way Challenge

Path Advice

desert intersection OfirAsif

Photo: Ofir Asif


In the deserts of life

When it seems that oases you’ve taken for granted

Have forgotten

Marked paths,

Don’t ignore painted signs

Of the flags of times past.

The direction you take may determine

If your very next steps

Lead to hope

Or end up being

Your last.


For Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge


Every Which Way

foggy paths Amitai Asif

Photo: Amitai Asif


As the fog masks the path

Take a breath

And hold tight.

May an arrow direct you

To a home

And a hearth.



For Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge

Egged On

arrows AmitaiAsif

Photo: Amitai Asif


Beware the prod

When arrows nod.

Their seeming prompt

May in fact be

The footprints stomped

To show the real way

Out the swamp.




For The Daily Post

Let the Road

Let the road

Take you home



Let the path

Call your spirit


Let the sky

Draw your eye


To the line

To the fairies


Do not fear

The dark road


Do not fret

Paths so endless



There are stairs

Up to heaven

There are rails

Bound for home



Let the road

Find direction

And a handhold —

Lean on




As the road

Marks your steps



Leads the way

Takes you home.