Warmer Together

April snow2 NaamaYehuda

Photo: Na’ama Yehuda


Come and play

In the snowdrifts

And the cold

Will not bite

We are warmer


And will sleep well





Note: No filter was used. This is the original photo of the colors that day.


For Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Hot and/or Cold


The Cutest Seal-Pup Rescue

The tenderness and adorableness factor of this video were just impossible to not want to share …

So glad these good people rescued this baby (even if they did at first think he was a girl … that’s okay … I don’t think the pup minded, with them making sure he was comfy and treating him ever so gently).

May tenderness lead the way.

May compassion to all being override hate, denial, apathy, and ignorance.

Giving is the best communication

This ad from Thailand touched my heart. May it touch yours.

May we all find a place of giving and heart-communication: One never knows where a kind act would take another, and how it sets the wheels in motion for themselves.

And He Duly Obliged–Cop Matters!

And He Duly Obliged…. (click link to go to original posting at thekindness.com blog)

police officer ties a little boy's shoelaces


Good for his mama for teaching him to be discerning in seeking help AND for letting him know that he CAN seek help if there’s something too big or difficult for him to manage. As for the task itself–I think the match is perfect! A cop ones told me that police officers tie very good knots–the last thing you want is to have a lace go loose when you’re chasing a suspect…

Good call, kiddo!

(and good job, Mr. Cop!)