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It may be fashionable to be unkind,

To dismiss civility as weak

And see polite discourse

As reflecting ‘snowflake’ fragility.

One wonders, though,

About the price of bullish ways

On our children

Who are learning

Not what we say

But what we model.

Will they grow to celebrate insult

As denoting power,

And be enthused

By pseudo-charm;

Or will they see

The true resilience of empathy

So hate and war

Can finally be




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Abel Tasman Coast Track InbarAsif

Abel Tasman Coast Track; Photo: Inbar Asif


Hold up those who are too small

So they, too, can have a view

And visibility.

Hoist up those who are too timid

Or are silenced

So they, too, can have a voice

And secure platform.

Elevate the discourse

On behalf of those

Who had forgotten

Or had become accustomed

To degraded declarations,

And so can use a gentle template


Offer a hand to those most in need

Of a perspective

So they may see

Broader horizons

For understanding

Not just might

But heart and mind.




For The Daily Post

And He Duly Obliged–Cop Matters!

And He Duly Obliged…. (click link to go to original posting at thekindness.com blog)

police officer ties a little boy's shoelaces


Good for his mama for teaching him to be discerning in seeking help AND for letting him know that he CAN seek help if there’s something too big or difficult for him to manage. As for the task itself–I think the match is perfect! A cop ones told me that police officers tie very good knots–the last thing you want is to have a lace go loose when you’re chasing a suspect…

Good call, kiddo!

(and good job, Mr. Cop!)