Photo prompt © Jan Wayne Fields


“The box said up to 20 people,” Martin insisted.

I gazed at the purple awning below and my eyes rested momentarily on my cousin’s bare feet. He inherited Uncle Georgie’s hairy toes, I noticed. His impulsive stubbornness, too, it seems.

“That’s not what they meant,” I shook my head.

Martin glared at me as if my IQ wouldn’t make it past the bottom inch of a ruler.  “Twenty people is twenty people, Ralph. Math is math,” he announced and launched himself from the garage’s roof onto the tent.


And gravity is gravity … I sighed. I had 911 on speed dial.




For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers



60 thoughts on “Gravity

  1. Na’ama Y’karah,

    Now you have me laughing out loud. Gravity is gravity. 😀 There are some people who have to learn the hard way. It sounds like hairy-toed Georgie is one of them…if he’s capable of learning. 😉 Good one.



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    • Yep. Some people need to have other people have 911 on speed-dial on their behalf … 😉
      I am not sure the hairy toes are part of the syndrome … but in Martin and Georgie’s case, it seems it may well be … 😉


    • Well, if it is any consolation, if the Martins of this world will continue to insist that a tent that “can hold 20 people” means that 20 can jump on it’s roof … we might indeed end up with … um … more Ralph descendants than Martin ones … 😉
      (no harm wished upon anyone … just stating statistical plausibility … 😉 Because, you know, math AND gravity … 😉 ).
      Happy it made you laugh out loud and glad you liked my little IQ measuring device … 😉

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    • Well, in Martin’s (and Georgie’s) family perhaps there was … 😉 Then again, if they continue jumping off of rooftops Darwin’s theory of some genes not being passed on too long may prove correct after all … 😉


    • I think he jumped on it just because it for some reason looked inviting to him … and that he misinterpreted the box’s “can hold up to 20 people” (i.e. in capacity UNDERNEATH the tent) as meaning that the tent can ‘hold’ (i.e. support) up to 20 people ON TOP of itself …


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