His Lamppost


They didn’t quite expect him to show up as he had, but most of them who’d known him weren’t all that terribly surprised. Not really.

Not when he had made himself comfortable under that very lamppost, every evening and in every weather, for as long as anyone could remember.

It almost made sense, then, that he would.


From the beyond.

Some began to keep a distance from that corner after dark.

Others, though, just walked on by.

“Evening, Mr. Barns,” they’d tip their head in the direction of his halo.

Even when alive, he hadn’t been known to respond.





For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers


70 thoughts on “His Lamppost

  1. I like that last line so much! I know that George Harrison gave Paul MacCartney a tree that Paul planted by the gate at his house. He said he felt George was there in the tree. Your story reminds me of it. Sounds like he wasn’t ready to leave just yet.

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    • True! Specially since they can move through solid barriers and we mortal beings … well … cannot … (yet.. 😉 ).
      I don’t mind ghosts per se, I think.
      It’s the ones I don’t understand I worry I can have some issue is. Stepping on toes doesn’t feel good to anyone, and ghosts can be especially touchy about it, I think … 😉

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      • ?Yes, sadly, there are. I started another scrappy afghan last night to be donated to a gentleman who frequents a particular place. I saw him this week, and stopped to talk. He already has one of my scrappy’s and it’s looking rather worn. I told him I’d make him an new one if he’d like, and oh, the smile on his face. I asked him what color… He said he rather liked all the colors on the one he has. So, I’m hitting my stash and crocheting away.

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      • That’s fab! I’ve made (and given away) my share of afghans, baby-blankets, wraps, shawls, scarves, and hats. 🙂 Hadn’t done nearly enough of late (though I guess mask-sewing this past year had taken some of that ‘space’ for me). LOVE this story about the gentleman you describes! 🙂

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      • This last year has changed us all. Where I am, it’s been hard to find enough yarn on the shelves to complete even a small project. Anyway, I have just enough partial skeins in my bin to make one blankie… and I know this gentleman will enjoy it… it will be the 5th blanket I’ve made for him in 13 years.

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      • Yes, please. That is my given name..well earned I assure you. With Irish, German, and three warrior tribes in my heritage I can have quite the temper…and I’m extremely protective of those in my charge. Hehe…thank you so much Na’ama. I just love the sound of your name. 🤓🌹

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      • Oh, BOY! Thank you soooo much! It will make for a really great Easter, then. 🙂 ❤ Hubby's phone interview went great yesterday. Has in-person interview next week. We're still praying hard, trusting that if it is where HE wants us, we'll be there.

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      • My pleasure! It is a little salad of skeins I have left from this and that, and which I am sure can find a good home with you, whatever you’ll decided to do with them. Better than them just languishing here for another project I might one day get to. Yay to repurposing!
        Here’s to good news all around!

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