Light And Shed

Light and Shed inbarasif

Photo: Inbar Asif


Old it stretched

Brooding shade

O’er neat furrows made,

Watching new rows reborn

And the greens

Field adorn,

Growing tall, rising now

Making lush, anyhow.



For the dVerse Poets Challenge: Shed


25 thoughts on “Light And Shed

  1. Love the photo. Your words give life to this shed as it watches the furrows grow, produce, then go fallow, then get furrowed again — cycle repeating itself. It reminds me of the adage, “if only walls could speak” only instead it could be “if only this shed had voice.” So glad you posted to the prompt!
    Just a quick note: you don’t need to post the link within the pub chat itself….you’ll notice that others simply chat (which I LOVE when I host!). Just put the link within Mr Linky as you’ve done and all our readers will click on Mr Linky. I think actually, many more readers post and click on Mr Linky to read than do participate in the chat itself.

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    • Thanks Lillian. I do love the cycle of new and old, rebirth and decay.
      Also, thanks for the comment re: posting links. I know I don’t need to post the link within the ‘pub chat’ … I do post on Mr Linky-thinky-thingy (my name for it and its cousins on other blogs), but I just like copying the link … as long as there’s no prohibition in the pub …. that is … πŸ˜‰
      Have a lovely! Na’ama


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