Momma Jean

Photo Prompt: © Jean L. Hays


“Don’t you go spendin’ no money!” Momma Jean announced.

In a whirlwind of industrious determination, she began rummaging through shoe boxes and ancient suitcases, closets, and plastic bags, flinging this or that onto the table.

I didn’t dare to offer help. Once Momma Jean got like this, it was best to keep out of the way.

“Now!” She finally straightened, hair askew and dust-bunnies clinging to the edge of her house-dress. My inveterate neighbor was out of breath and in her element. “You tell me what that costume look like, and I make it for you. You win first prize.”




For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers




46 thoughts on “Momma Jean

    • 🙂 I figured some of us know a Momma Jean in one manifestation or the other (with or without good results on costumes or any other production, but with absolutely similar energetic dedication) 😉
      I think that costume will cause a sensation, yes … 😉


  1. Sounds a bit like my Aunt Margaret! I loved going to her house as she’d always have bits and scraps around to sew up a new dress, or shorts, or whatever. At times, I really miss those old dresses she’d make.

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    • I’m so glad this brought up (hopefully only good) memories, Jellico! I’m thinking that many of us know or knew people who are in some way like Momma Jean! 🙂 Isn’t that delightful? Thanks for this comment, which brought a smile to my face! 🙂 Na’ama
      Thank you for taking the

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