Memory Lane

Aharonson NaamaYehuda

Photo: Na’ama Yehuda


Down memory lane

Where small feet

Came to learn,

And the stories

Of pain and resistance


Where the concepts

Of secret and magic

A house may


Filled my mind with

Both worry

And wonder


And again.



Note: The photo (taken in 2008) is of the fence and alleyway hugging the perimeter of an estate in my childhood town where science, historical espionage, ‘betrayal by pigeon’, capture, torture, hidden tunnels, and suicide were all shared in pretty graphic detail with primary school children during school-tours of the location (complete with yellowed photos, blood stains, personal effects, pistol, tunnel in the bathroom and all). The museum hosted children from all around, but us local kids held the place (which was and still is located right near the town’s center), in a combination of fascination, awe, horror, and perhaps a sprinkle of pride for a perceived association with the courage and tragedy of a local heroine. Though I don’t think they tell this to kids quite the same way these days, the stories and memories remain.


For the Tuesday Photo Challenge: Back Catalog


32 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. Wow – that is quite the back catalog history for the photo. Your description of what you remember of the sadness that happened coupled with the sadness that the history is not being shared touched me today. Very thought-provoking.

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    • Thanks, Shelly (your comment hid in a spam folder till this morning!? OY!) – It is some story, ain’t it?! Yeah, you ‘got it’ completely: the sadness about the history, the sadness about the realities it depicted, the sadness (and perhaps some relief – the graphic parts for young kids were a bit … well … graphic … ) that it is not told in quite so many details these days. History can often be like that, eh? πŸ™‚

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