Almost Grown Up

(Photo: Mabel Amber on Pixabay)


There was a moment between

Childhood and

Being almost

Grown up,

Where she knew that she would

Very soon be

Quite possibly

All tied up.

With chores and duties

Work and house,

Strung like eyes

On knitting needles,

In a knot of adult






For the dVerse quadrille challenge: Knot

42 thoughts on “Almost Grown Up

    • Thank you! I knit, though I hadn’t for a time, either. … and I do love the tenuous reality that knitting affords – it can hold things together but it can unravel oh-so-fast, too … let alone if you ‘drop’ a stitch … 😉

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  1. The knitting needles was such a unique metaphor. I hate the fact that we are expected to be completely one of the other but I do recall that limbo stage where expectations began to surmount. I refuse to be completely adult!

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    • Ah, Mish, you and me both! I don’t believe I ever got “The Adult Manual” and so I’ve been winging it all along, and I figure there’s no need to adult beyond the minimum necessary … 😉 And … nor is it helpful to leave ALL childhood behind. Too much good stuff in youth to give up for naught! 🙂 Welcome to the CARC (Complete Adult Refusers Club) 😀

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  2. Love this. So many expectations and responsibilities, it can feel overwhelming when thrown into it or even expecting it on its own. You communicate those feelings well; they’re very evocative. Beautifully entwined and written!

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    • Thank you, Lucy! Being human is darn complicated … all those threads looking nice and tidy on one side and oh-so-messy on the other side of the tapestry … (Yeah, I know, I mix metaphors, but I refuse to grow up fully, so I’m ‘allowed’ to … 😉 ) THANK YOU!

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    • Ah, that’s true for many, indeed. Not for all, but for many. Here’s to charting our own course, to some degree or other, as adults. Especially important for those who did not get to chart theirs – or even entertain it – as children.

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