Night Walker


Photo: Martin Adams on Unsplash


She’d appear out of her bed

As if in dream.

An apparition in their kitchen.

A small figure levitating up the stairs

From the nursery,

A flannel nightgown sweeping over the cold floor

And her bare feet.

They might’ve wondered

Why she had become

A somnambulist,

Had they not needed to keep

Any odd thing

Completely clandestine.

So they latched the front door


And kept the very secret

Of her night-walking

Under the covers

Of unspoken sleep.




For the Weekend Writing Prompt: Somnambulist in 78 words



16 thoughts on “Night Walker

  1. In general, I’ve seen people dissatisfied with their life in some way turn somnambulists. Guess it becomes a cover for doing what they like, and they can always say they didn’t know what were they doing.But your description of a child makes it all the more intriguing. Why?


    • Thank you, Ruby!
      Sleepwalking is not rare in children, though my understanding is that it can denote underlying stress and is a good thing to check with one’s doctor about to see if there are underlying issues there that ought to be addressed. In families with high dysfunction and high secrecy … it may be a whole other kettle of fish altogether, as neither the sleepwalking nor the underlying issues may be addressed … But, yes, I hope she no longer sleepwalks AND that whatever was causing it was resolved/healed from…. πŸ™‚


    • Yes, she was certainly ‘exposed’ to things that she shouldn’t have been ‘exposed’ to … As for the creep-factor, it’s there … Thank you for the comment! I’m going to hop over to read yours now! Na’ama


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