Quite Simply


Photo: Zane Lee on Unsplash


“Quite simply,” she said,

“The very times when some in power

Are seeking to perplex you,

Are the times when you best make sure

That you are not at all confused.”


“For when what should be simple

Is deliberately made unclear,

And what’s logical is spun

Cheaply to cost dear,

It ought to signal your eyes

To remain widely open,

And your ears to insist on holding only

To the truth.”


She sighed and touched the blue print

Faded on her arm,

Seared like yesterday

In her heart and mind.




For Sammi’s Weekend Writing Challenge: Perplex in 90 words



19 thoughts on “Quite Simply

    • Thank you, Violet. Yes, when logic is spun to be made to seem as ‘fake news’ and when facts are rendered ‘hoaxes’ in the service of those who peddle falsehoods and gaslighting, it is way past time to stop the chaos that’s already forming. And yet, there are so many who are ‘trained’ to ignore facts and listen only to the narcissistically uninformed … that we ought remind ourselves what happens to communities that allow such ‘leadership’ to take hold.

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    • Thank you, Keith. I think the meaning is the same for all the circumstances that allow it … and the awfulness they lead to if we do not take heed. I’m glad it communicated the profound realities that gaslighting and spinning reality and calling facts ‘fake news’ and science ‘a hoax’, all while feeding hate and rewarding cowardice and lies, not courage and truth … can bring us to.
      Off to read yours!

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