Roundabout Waiting

Photo prompt: © C.E. Ayr


“He’s still there.” Morty whispered, his nose to the window.

“What’s he waiting for?” Bella pushed Morty over to make room, pressed her head to his.

“I dunnow.”

“You’re not even allowed to stop for pick-up on roundabouts,” Bella noted.

Morty sighed. Since she’d found a driver’s-ed pamphlet, his twin had turned an insufferable source of traffic trivia. Never mind it’d be a million years before she could drive.

“Should we go ask?” Bella fidgeted.

Morty shook his head. “Dad said wait here.”

“But it’s been eight hours!”

It had. And almost as long since the old man showed up.




For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers



28 thoughts on “Roundabout Waiting

    • Thanks, Dale. It is a very long test if it is … and from their vantage point I suspect they are both in a car … I hope nothing happened to their dad, and I do wonder about that old man – is he watching them? Does he know something they don’t? SHOULD they go out and ask? Is this a test? If so, what for? And why and why this way? …. oy.

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    • I don’t think they are the same person, but perhaps in disguise!? Hmmm … a whole other dimension to this now … though, really, eight hours of this???! If that’s the dad, he’s got some ISSUES! 😉


  1. Na’ama Y’karah,

    If the author has questions this reader has all the more. I was afraid that Dad is abandoning the twins. I hope that’s not the case. It sounded also like he left them in the car in the middle of the roundabout while he’s standing in line for something. Well written in any event.



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    • Yes, I’m all full of questions. I need some answers, and I’m the author!!! 😉
      In my mind, the father did abandon them — either deliberately or due to something that happened to him and prevented him from coming back. Eight hours is a long time in a car, for anyone, let alone two children. As for that old man — he seems to be waiting for something. Perhaps for the dad to return (if he’d seen the man leave the children) or perhaps he’s watching for something else. The coincidence would be too great for him to wait the same amount of time the children are waiting … unless there is something untoward happening and he’s party to it … hmmm …


    • Oh, no no no … I hope not!!! I think that if their dad won’t come back soon they WILL go for some help … and as for that man on the other side of the roundabout … I half hope that he’s watching out for them, half hope he knows where their dad is … whole-hope that the kids will be okay …

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  2. Wow! Your story starts off gentle – I mean, twins are always bickering – and then abruptly becomes very sinister. The coincidence of the old man having been there for 8 hours, and dad gone for 8 hours, and they haven’t been approached by a policeman to find out why the car is on the roundabout…how spooky is that?

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    • Very spooky … Yeah. Some roundabouts may be quite quiet as far as passerby go, and perhaps other driving people don’t really look/notice what takes place in parked cars nearby … and then there is that old man … I hope he’s been looking out for them, but eight hours is a LONG time no matter how you cut it … So, yeah, SPOOKY!

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