I Believe


Photo: Charlie Hammond on Unsplash


I believe the magic

That is people,

And the unremitting wonder

That is found


In their hearts.

I believe the small,


Staunch soul rumble

That continues

Shaken but unfailing

To grow

Through the hardship,

Making handholds of the worry

All the while.




For the dVerse quadrille challenge: magic



24 thoughts on “I Believe

    • Thank you … A bit of the “you can’t change what is happening to you but you may be able to change what you make of it” thing … And … while some make a lot of noise and may not be the best bargain, most people are amazing. I keep being reminded of it. Keep well! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    • Yes, and if we cannot find it in ourselves to trust others, perhaps we can start in baby-steps of trusting ourselves … or taking a chance to trust – a little bit – some things around us. Nature. The sun. A pet. The smile on a baby’s face.

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