Eight Not Ate

ducks SmadarHalperinEpshtein

Photo: Smadar Halperin-Epshtein


Eight brown ducks bobbing by

In the shade, under sky

Waiting for humans’ bread

To fall down on their head.


For August photo a day challenge


Waiting for Sam

Friday Fictioneers’ photo prompt © Roger Bultot


He’ll meet her at the exhibition at Noon, he’d promised.

“You’ll see. Twelve on the dot.”

“Like Cinderella?” she had joked.

“Sort of.”

She scanned the crowds, the balconies, the empty domes that rose above like marble skies.

Laughter echoed. People milled around.

She checked her watch again.

It had inched, traitorous, well past twelve o’clock.

Like Cinderella with no fairy godmother, she thought.

Never should have eaten that pumpkin Sam had bought.




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Times Old

Abel Tasman Coast Track2 InbarAsif

Photo: Inbar Asif


In the days that unfold

Morning rays

Evening’s gold,

What awaits

Up your sleeve,

Still untold,

Kept in trust

Since times old?



For The Daily Post