10 thoughts on “Give Us A Smile!

  1. Sorry to be such a grumble-grouch, Na’ama .. I’m sure you know I wouldn’t still be reading you if you weren’t important to me.
    Today, please change “That” to “Than”.
    Did I ever tell you that I am a CPTSD patient of Betsy’s?
    Thank you for everything. TS

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    • Thank you! Yes, I had caught the typo a moment too late … so the emailed post had gone out with the error (which is perhaps where you’d seen it?) but the typo had been corrected on the blog itself a moment later.
      I appreciate the feedback–so many times one misses a typo that others see! I don’t mind it being noted at all! In fact, I think it a great help!
      And … I didn’t know but am glad you shared. She’s a good egg.
      You are, too!

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