Chalked Up


(Photo: Noita Digital on Unsplash)


The swirl of white had gotten

In her eye.

Placed a tickle in her


The door would close.

The chairs will sleep with bottoms

Against table


There would be no more

Early morns.

No damp sponge

To erase all of yesterdays’






For the dVerse quadrille poetry challenge: chalk in 44 words

Waiting To Travel


He left the house each morning as he always had, a bag with his lunch slung over a shoulder.

The harbor was no longer where he had to be, but work never was just an employment. It had been his world. Even more so since Marissa left to roam the realms beyond this world.

To him her current travels were as real as the ships that left for unseen places only to return with goods that others had stacked for his crane to unload.

One day he will sail to where Marissa was.

Till then, he watched each day unfold.



For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers 

Photo prompt: © Roger Bultot


Digging to China

Friday Fictioneers’ photo prompt © Connie Gayer


He didn’t want to hear a word against the possibility.

“It is a round world, Meg,” he said,

And listened not to facts nor feasibility.

“China is there at the bottom, you will see.”

He said and spread the shovels all around for company.

It’s been a long first year of him retired

And the days stretched on.

“Go ahead, dear,” Meg agreed,

For China may let her keep her sanity indeed.



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