Chalked Up


(Photo: Noita Digital on Unsplash)


The swirl of white had gotten

In her eye.

Placed a tickle in her


The door would close.

The chairs will sleep with bottoms

Against table


There would be no more

Early morns.

No damp sponge

To erase all of yesterdays’






For the dVerse quadrille poetry challenge: chalk in 44 words

26 thoughts on “Chalked Up

    • Thank you, Ali! I think there’s a special pause in the moment when the class empties, and the chairs are turned up over the desks to allow for the floor to be cleaned before the next day. And there’s a hush where there was fullness. 🙂

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    • Well, sometimes we don’t know what another day will bring, eh? Thank you, my friend. I’ve been penned in my bed since Monday night – not the C-19, and not the flu, and not the RSV, but (likely) just the ‘Common Cold’ flattening me with fever, headache, leaky nose (I recommend stocks in Kleenex, as I am upping their average world-use by a good percent), and overall icky-bicky. Now a migraine activated by my poor sinuses (or so I think). So it’s been interesting. I chalk it all up to oy vey. … xoxo (nuf whining)

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      • Are ya sure? Takes sometimes more than one test. And I am so sorry you are suffering my friend.
        My first son died of RSV… The vaccination came out a few months after (of course).

        Feel better soon ! 🤗🤗😘🤗🤗

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      • Yeah, antigens were negative, PCR was negative (also for the flu A and flu B and RSV – they did the whole shebang it seems), and two antigen tests since still negative. It is apparently just a run of the mill garden variety kick-butt Common Cold, out to prove that being ‘common’ don’t mean it ain’t a potent messer-upper of plans. 😉
        Also … I’m so so so sorry re: RSV. It is often discounted by those who don’t understand the devastation it can bring to little ones and their families! I’ve been vaccinated forever and I’ve had my vaccine status for that and for Whooping Cough checked some years ago, seeing that I work with families that have little ones. I’m working on getting better – it is not dangerous or complicated, just most most MOST unwelcome. xoxo


      • I figured but thought I’d ask anyway!
        And yeah. RSV is particularly tough on preemies – though he was a little over 7 months old when he “caught” it.
        You do that whole rest and fluids thing, y’hear?

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