To Know Good


Photo: Valario Davis on Unsplash



“So how do you,” he asked,

“Know good

From bad?”


“By the heart,” she replied.

“By the actions that


And prop up,

And the words that


And patch the

Cracked places

Inside broken parts.”


“And how,” he pressed,

“Do you know what

Just needs

Giving up?”


“By the soul,”

She patted the warm place

On her lap.

“For breath


And hope


And kindness

Is superior to any



Full of promises

Of might,


For our good

But seeped in

Falsehood meant

To bring on



He shuddered

And she stroked his wet cheek

And held a cool

Palm to his brow.

“Now sleep,

And let spirits

Of light,

Hold back the bad


Fill your cup

With good

Till the world grows





For RDP Sunday: For Our Good




20 thoughts on “To Know Good

    • The children often SEE the news these days … which is not particularly helpful … BUT, yes, we have to find the balance between protecting the children and speaking truth to children and not keeping them blind to the realities around them while also not scaring them or overwhelming them in the process.
      Oy, the tightropes!

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    • Scary and unsettling for many an adult, as well, especially as we understand the very possible worsening realities given current bad leadership that seeks to inflame rather than calm … Oy. That said, the world CAN grow up, and people CAN speak up civilly (and in their election ballots …), and together, we can do more good, for the good of all of us, not just the benefit of the few.

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