The Essentials



She shrugged her pack off and lowered herself so her back rested against a tree, blessing — for the umpteenth time — the waterproofs she’d splurged on several years ago.Β  The purchase had meant giving up puddings for two months, but she’d never regretted the trade-off.

Food was essential, but so was heeding nature’s call for spending time in the outdoors. It was required nourishment for her soul.

In any weather, no matter damp or cold.

Soon she’d make the tent, gather wood, and light a fire to cook her oats on. But first she just sat, filling her lungs with air and her mind with calm contentment.

Raised in the city, she didn’t know how hungry she was for the outdoors until friends invited them to join a camping trip. She was ten.

Her parents hated every minute of it. For her, it had been like finally finding home.




For Crimson’s Creative Challenge #52


20 thoughts on “The Essentials

  1. I feel her contentment in leaning against that tree, back in the wilds (or maybe not so wild if we’re talking of where I took the photo) Yet away from the towns, in amongst the trees, the air changes. You’ve caught that well.

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  2. How the hell did I miss this?
    What a wonderful, lung-filling with pure air, feeling of contentment I feel myself reading this…
    I get her.
    Much as I love the city, getting away from it once and again, grounds me.

    Liked by 1 person

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