Up Close

Up Close NaamaYehuda

Photo: Na’ama Yehuda


Up close

The purple pinks into the blue

And makes the hues

Shine through.


Up close

You can forget yourself

As edges curl

And bloom unfurls

In you.




For Sunday Stills: Close-up




10 thoughts on “Up Close

    • Thank you Terri!
      Between travel to Canada in mid-July (where my sister’s family is staying this summer), and immediately upon my return having house guests from overseas (another sister who stayed with me – lovely but an opportunity for exploring NYC in the summer, which is, literally, the city that never sleeps), and seeing clients as work continued … the days and evenings were fuller and longer than usual. Oh, it was delightful, though also a little tiring (my body is a finicky little thing when it comes to sustained stamina) and left little time for blogging, which I missed. So, it is good to be back to a (somewhat) slower routine. 🙂

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  1. Time for an ‘Ohhhh my’ interlude.
    Yesterday one of the characters in my latest (under construction) volume was looking at flowers very similar to this one.
    Thank you for the clarification of image and the beauty of the words….(I’ll try not to plagiarise somewhere)

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