Voice Of Song

Lady Liberty SmadarHalperinEpshtein

Photo: Smadar Halperin-Epshtein


There is no


No space,




If the trees of our soul


With no ears near

To hear,

Silence deafens

Roar into



Be the voice

Of your song.

Let the air move

Through lungs

Via cords

To record:

You’re aboard.




For the dVerse Quadrille challenge: Voice


30 thoughts on “Voice Of Song

    • Thank you again!
      I have friends who shared with me how their grandparents never got over not speaking up during WWII Germany. How the very topic was taboo for the agony it caused. I have friends who went to the South as teenagers to support MLK’s civil rights, and friends who lived in the South at the time and whose families looked away. I have a friend who is part Japanese and whose grandparents never spoke of the internment camps or the hardship that followed when they lost EVERYTHING, including their sense of dignity and safety and belonging, when their voices were taken away from them along with their home and business and freedom. The silence that followed and the minimization — even justification — of the abused inflicted on them, made their suffering deemed insignificant even as it continued to eat holes in their souls. I have friends who are part Native American whose grandparents were forced away from home into boarding schools and whipped if they spoke their language or used their given names. The suffering became a distant story – not a real agony experienced by real people.
      Some even … still … silence the pain of slavery. Some deny the holocaust.
      Being silenced is traumatizing and others’ silence in the face of another’s pain is deafening.
      I don’t know if a poem can convey all that, but I am glad if I managed to convey some of it.

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    • Yes, others had said it before him in different variations, for like all Truths, it revisits wisdom through different messengers.
      To allow is to condone.
      Those who stand idly by enable, by their inaction, the continuation and normalization of ugliness.
      It is a CHOICE to keep ones voice from being heard when one has the opportunity to voice it.
      I hope more make a choice to use it.

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  1. Especially poignant is the tree falling in the forest of the mind, not to be heard, possibly eventually not heard by the person themself. Sometimes the deepest secrets are those we won’t speak to ourselves.

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    • Such an interesting comment, Lona! Thank you!
      Yes, sometimes we do not hear our own fallen trees – which may be one of the biggest tragedies of the soul and of disconnect from oneself.
      And yet, I hold the belief that it is never too late for one to awaken to oneself, and that the journey into restored hearing can be a lifelong one.
      May we all be at home without ourselves.

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