Shimmer’s Glimmer

Shimmer NaamaYehuda

Photo: Na’ama Yehuda


Evening gathers to call

Flocks to watering hole

And to glimmers of fish

In the sparkling bowl.

Palm to palm

Whispers calm,

As the pond

Drained but bright

Refracts sun’s glinting light

From silvery fins

‘Til a good night.



For Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week Challenge: Shimmer



6 thoughts on “Shimmer’s Glimmer

    • Thank you! It was a very blissful yet evocative evening when I’d taken the photo, and the feeling remained. It is a beautiful place. That pond is a couple minutes walk from the beach on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the fishponds have been built on migratory routes of wild birds and serve as a bird sanctuary as well as working fisheries. Some of the ponds remain only partially emptied (of water or fish) to allow the birds to feed freely. Storks, Cranes, Kingfishers, Egrets — all flock there.

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