Reclaimed Royalty

Lord O’Neill’s Cottage, Ram’s Island (from article in the Dublin Penny journal – 1830s) 


He’d come from royalty. Or at least from those who should’ve been but history had been too blind to realize their value. He’d seen promise in his older brother James: a lust for power and a need to force his will onto others. But James hadn’t shown enough self-preservation for a prince. A pity … but at least it left no issue of seniority.

Since childhood the conspiring doctors tried to claim him ill with “grandiosity.”

His mother failed to see. “We come from farmers, Thomas. Always have.”

Perhaps she truly believed her forefathers were but serfs to the O’Neills, but he knew better. He’d seen himself in the drawing, and it fit what he’d always known: He was destined for more, a royal progeny.

He’d take the island by force. It’ll make them realize it was past time he reclaimed what was his by rights, even if forgotten by history.



For What Pegman Saw: Northern Ireland


14 thoughts on “Reclaimed Royalty

  1. Now you have me curious–is this a historical event? I though perhaps James was James II of England and Ireland? But he was long lived…

    Anyway love your line about not showing enough self preservation for a prince awhich makes me think the narrator killed him off. Perhaps his mom, despite her best efforts at teaching humility, just raised a megalmaniac.

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    • Ah, if I have you curious then perhaps the mission has been accomplished … 😉
      If this is ‘history’ then it is only ‘possible history’ and not an actual one … The names are common Northern Irish names and as such do not pertain to any known royalty … but … who knows …
      Lords (and not so lords) certainly sired many more children than they were entitled to by marriage, consent, or human decency … and it may not be beyond reason to consider that stories–and belief–of one’s possible royal lineage might’ve wet the grandiose appetites of some whose minds weren’t all that sound …
      Can it be that Thomas recognizes something about himself in an etching? Or would he have seen himself in it no matter what? Who knows …
      I share your concern about James’s demise … and I think his mother was way out of her depths with is one …

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