Have Heart For A Better Humanity

at the end of a day

Photo: Monique Laats on Pexels.com


When a place of worship crumbles

Into hell of gore and pain,

And the sorrows of the many

Become what connects us all again,

Know that care can conquer ugly

And that compassion outdoes hate’s disdain,

As long as we eject terror

To heed the better, deeper call,

That anything that harms our kinship

Diminishes the very core of all,

Just as anything that builds it

Can lead humanity to standing tall.



For Debbie’s Six Word Saturday


14 thoughts on “Have Heart For A Better Humanity

    • Yes, sadly there are all too many deaf ears in our world. However, there are also many compassionate, kind, humane, moral, loving, tolerant ears … and those are worth our energies and attention and galvanizing …
      Most people are good.
      That matters …
      It doesn’t make the few who seek harm any less harmful, but it can help take some of their power away. And, I believe, together those of us who care about fellow human beings can make a change.
      Warmly, Na’ama

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