So the meetings that were called a lie

Had in fact taken place on the sly

And collusion repeatedly denied

Is now admitted as if justified

While a letter obviously dictated

Proves a propaganda calculated.


No question remains

For anyone who has brains

That those who yell out “Fake-news”

Are the ones who perjure and ruse

Just as they who the fact-finders accuse

Are the ones to truth molest and abuse.



Merriam-Webster’s word for August 8, 2018:


This post continues the blogging challenge in which Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day, serves as inspiration a-la the “Daily Prompt.”

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6 thoughts on “Debunked

      • I agree and maybe it is a curse and a very big curse at that. Yikes. It is so maddening to listen to the news right now. I am trying to take a break from it for a little while because the extreme ignorance, corruption and lies anger me. Ugh. Well enough of that. Great poem though. I loved it.

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      • Glad you liked it!
        Take care of yourself. Everyone manages the way they can, and burnout is something propaganda counts on. So remaining plugged in to what you ARE and what you NEED and how to take care of yourself and those around you is just as truly part of resisting.

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      • Yes. I agree. That is true. I never thought of that. Propaganda does count on it and wants us to just quit paying attention to the ridiculousness of what is happening in our country. I tried to step away more, but I have to pay attention. I am still watching the news etc. but I can’t let it bother me though. ave wonderful weekend. Hugs, Sue

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      • It is a balance thing … To completely shut down is not helpful, and to completely get overwhelmed is not helpful … so it is about each one of us doing what we can to stay plugged in to the extent that we can — because you are right and it IS important to pay attention — while not becoming so flooded we’re unable to pay attention to life … Take good care! 🙂 Na’ama

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