Long Unseen

Archeology Tel Zafit AtaraKatz

Photo: Atara Katz


As the stories unfold

Pried from time’s


Bit by bit

You’ll behold

What the fingers

Of old

Would have seen

Could have told.


For the d’Verse Poets challenge: Unseen Things


26 thoughts on “Long Unseen

  1. Threads stretching through time linking us with past people. I love this poem and the idea. Just think, one day we may put something down for that last time and someone we’ve never met years from now will find it and guess about our lives.

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  2. I’m reminded of sea glass that I’ve collected in Bermuda….and shards of old ceramic with a bit of pattern on them….I hold them and wonder where they were, how long have they been tossed about in the sea? Whose lips touched this glass? Was it perhaps once lifted in a toast?
    It’s the wondering….stories untold.

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    • So true! I have some sea glass that a friend had gifted me after she collected it and whenever I see it I, too, think of the stories those hold. Exactly my thoughts as per the pottery piece and other archeological findings. Thank you for this lovely comment and the analogy to sea glass.

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