Caper On

Live life like a kid

On feet or hooves

On two or four:

Jump and jive

Skip and romp

Frolic, gambol, cavort, stomp.

Live like a kid:

Play fully

Dance wholly

Be jolly

Caper on.


For The Daily Post

5 thoughts on “Caper On

  1. Love them! Our kitty girl Daisy loves to look at those videos on my iPad. And I know you already know this, but Merriam Webster says: Did You Know? Caper in Latin means “a male goat”. Anyone who has watched a young goat frolic in a field or clamber onto the roof of a car knows the kind of crazy fun the English word caper —which is also a verb—is referring to. A capriole is a backward kick done in midair by a trained horse. Capricorn, meaning “horned goat”, is a constellation and one of the signs of the zodiac. And a capricious act is one that’s done with as little thought as a frisky goat might give it. 😉

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