Find Joy!


Find joy in the places where sunshine streams inwards

Find joy in the friendships that sparkle the heart

Double over with mirth

Let belly laugh jingle

And all worry scatter

Find joy in a dance, in art, in creation

In mirroring pleasure

Where words do not matter


Find joy in belonging

In giggles with one like no other

In nature come close

And delight spilling over


4 thoughts on “Find Joy!

  1. I love all of your posts. They are so you and so full of hope and fun and, of course, cherishing the kids.

    And where do you get all of your fabulous pictures and cartoons? They are incredible!

    Hoping all of the owies have abates and despite the recurring polar vortex, you are feeling pretty well

    Sending you all much, much love,

    Adele in great awe admiration for your wonderfully prolific and loving nature

    Sent from my iPhone Adele Ryan McDowell, Ph.D. 13 Arcadia Road, Suite 8 Old Greenwich, CT 06870 USA

    Phone: 203 561 7848 Skype: adele.ryan.mcdowell



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