The Harbinger

cloud lines amitaiasif

Photo: Amitai Asif


In the slowest hour of the night

She came in robes

Of dreams

To weave the nearest future

Into light.


She swished along the desert

Roads that only

Deepest yearnings


And whispered:

It shall be.

You’ll find the path

To follow when you




For the d’Verse challenge: Harbinger



Skirl a Tune

gray green and yellow rock and grass field

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Skirl a tune

Blow the pipes

Upon Highlands’

Tall banks.

Through deep lochs

And rocky lakes

May beauty keep

Your soul awake.



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Ghoulish Goulash

goulash yummly

Old Fashioned Goulash (


She hates soup. She hates stew.

She can’t stand beef. Tomatoes, too.

She doesn’t care if it’s tradition.

She doesn’t care it’s grandma’s edition.

To her the concept is just foolish

And your goulash is plain ghoulish.



For The Daily Post

Infinite sweetness

elephant attachment

There’s so much harshness and rigidity, so many difficult realities, hardened views, unyielding opinions, and limited acceptance all around, that it can be easy to forget the infinite sweetness that exists all around us.

The infinite sweetness

In a baby’s smile.

In a youngling’s antics.

In the green of an unfurling leaf.

In a stranger’s compassion.

In a perfect strawberry.

In a sip of tea on snowy days.

In the sigh of warm bath water.

In the life that sheds and lives and sheds and lives in all around us.

In the repeating revolution of this planet, hurtling as it is through space in speeds we cannot comprehend and yet are an integral part of.

The infinite sweetness of what can be remembered with nostalgia and what is hoped for and may well become — or may just, possibly, find pathways.

To infinity.


Photo Credit A.A.

One World

Photo Credit: A.L.

Photo Credit: A.L.
Photo Credit: A.M.
Photo Credit: A.M.

There’s snow in the North hemisphere

There’s sun in the South

A mystery line that splits seasons

And turns the sun around

One world

Two halves

East and West, North and South

A multitude of places and

Even bigger one of beings

All unique in their glories

All striving for life

Photo Credit: A.A.
Photo Credit: A.A.

Ice coats sidewalks in New Hampshire

Sweat coats brows in Brazil

There are coats in Chicago

Flip flops Down Under

Naked trees in Vermont

Bikinied girls in Cape Town

All attires between

Photo Credit: O.B.
Photo Credit: O.B.

In all places are children:

Bundled up or

Bare armed

Booted and coated

Warmed in the sun

In a sphere blue with oceans

Currents, islands, trade winds

Charted lands

Charted songs

Charted trends

Blogged, tweeted, emailed heart lines

There’s a place of belonging

A tangible understanding

A gravity holding

Us all on shared ground.

Photo Credit: Y.B.
Photo Credit: Y.B.

(Spa Corner–February 2014)