Blue Planet

Blue Planet NaamaYehuda

Photo: Na’ama Yehuda


Serpentine line

Undulates across planes

Amidst the snowed patches of

Rugged terrain.

Spread below

To horizon

Of blue onto blue

This one planet

We share

All of us –

Me and you.



For July squares: Blues



On This Planet

Peru horse AmitaiAsif

Photo: Amitai Asif


Every day I am reminded

How very partial I am

To the multitudes of

Living things

Upon this Earth.

They are all part of me

Just as I am part of all.

You see,

Our air has been

A zillion times recycled

Through innumerable breaths.

Each drop of water has been

In every ocean

Swam in every river

Rained on every land.

Molecules have merged into our very selves

From all that is around us.

Life has birthed and died and birthed


So many times

That we are indeed


Not just of one planet

But all One.



For The Daily Post

A New Year Blessing

2015 2016

May it be a year of peace

A year of calm

A year of heart

Of reason.

May it be a year of kindness

Of compassion

Of humanity and understanding.

May it be a year of healing

For this Mother Earth

And all who are together on it.

May it be a year of wisdom

Of light over darkness

Love over hate

Acceptance over ignorance

Courage over fear.

May it be the year where violence recedes

Where patience and respect for one another

Become more valued

Than greed

And need for power.

May it be a year of history remembered

Not repeated.

A year of repair

Not more destruction

Of healing

Not added wounding.

May it be a year where we truly do

Value the future

Of our children

Of humanity

This planet home.

May it be

A happy new year.

A year of joy

Where we could know

Each day by blessed day

That we the people

Are finally


Finding our way.