It Wasn’t That


(Photo: Owen Vangioni on Unsplash)


It wasn’t that

Which killed the cat.

Not inquisitiveness in predawn


When any decent mind

Would sleep.

Not curiosity about rustling shopping bags


Fending for themselves

Whilst humans fetch more from

The car.

But urgent greed

To speed


All nine lives.




For the dVerse quadrille poetry challenge: curiosity



33 thoughts on “It Wasn’t That

  1. I like the way you laid this out, almost like a mystery. Reminds me of musicians and other creatives that get mixed up with drugs. Yet some, like Keith Richards, do it all and are like the energizer bunny, still going strong.

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    • Ah, Lucy, I’m sorry if it hit too hard. It is truth, though, sadly, that some are more prone-to-extinguish-their-nine-lives than others. And, it can be very sad sometimes, even if the reality is that cats come with their own personalities and risk-taking-profiles …

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  2. Even though our village is very quiet and away from the main road, we get our fair share of cars speeding through. But my two are sensible enough to stay in the back garden, away from the road.

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    • Yes, yes, yes. I’m so glad that you share this … It is the same with human little ones, the fascination with the plastic … only that we know it carries dangers near … and far. Reducing and recycling are good for all of us.
      Thank you for the feedback!

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  3. Poor cat! I’m waiting for mine to be vaccinated so I can let him out, but I hope he won’t feel the need to race through all 9 lives. I would feel it too cruel to keep him in in order to protect him though!

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    • Oh oh … 😉 Ali, be careful to not use up a life! Not sure how many we humans get, but I don’t think it is as many as kitties get! … 😉
      (also, if you survive the inquiry, pray share! 🙂 – says she from the safe distance of her curiosity-curbing couch … 😉 )

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