In The Block


(Photo: SHOT on Unsplash)


She had a thing for giving names. To things.

It was her personal nomenclature.

The house’s door was “Lettie”… for letting her inside the home.

The bed was “Sleeping Beauty” … for some very long dreams.

Her knife set she called “Sharpenado.” In it was “Sharpenado-The-First”, “Sharpenado-The-Second”, “Sharpenado-Junior”, and even “Sharpenado Senior” … the oldest of the bunch. Like her, it was retired and allowed to spend the rest of its dull days in the block.



For Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Nomenclature in 76 words


20 thoughts on “In The Block

    • I’m thinking … all is possible … for we don’t know whose home the door lets her in through … and whether “sleeping beauty” denotes a VERY long sleep for someone … and … well … what box she’ll be spending the rest of HER life in … 😉
      So … it is what we make it, perhaps … and your intuition of sinister possibilities may have some cause …
      Though who knows … 😉

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  1. Interesting twist on the prompt, Na’ama. The sign on my desk says, “Don’t name a pig you plan to eat.” I try not to name things, but the young folk see it all very differently. 🙂

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