Long Term Parking



She let them think she didn’t mean it.

Though she had.

If she no longer could drive, then none of them were going to be able to.

At least not with her vehicle.

Sure, it was (another) way of shooting herself in the foot.

No doubt it was petty.

But petty was all she felt that she had left.

If she were to still be noticed.

Life was putting her in long-term parking.


She was not going to let others earn more freedom by it.

So she drove the car into the fence, and left it.

And them.




For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers

Photo prompt © Liz Young


40 thoughts on “Long Term Parking

  1. I feel that a lot. If I didn’t drive, though, how would hubby get to/fro work so we could live. Being saddled to that also makes it so much HARDER to find work for myself. I have to nudge it in between his hours which leaves me only 4-6 hours of work time available. NO ONE wants to hire for that…. sigh…. Been out job hunting all week since things are opening back up and people are hiring again. Don’t know why I even try, though.

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    • I’m sure she has good reason to feel icky, yes. Different people handle challenges differently, and sometimes even the same person, under extreme duress, behaves in ways that they may otherwise not choose to go if they weren’t feeling quite so downtrodden.

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  2. Na’ama Y’karah,

    A woman with spunk. Obviously she’s not being put out to pasture without a fight. Although there are a few people on the road who should have their licenses revoked. Perhaps she is one of them. At any rate, a good read. Well done.



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    • Thanks! I wonder if her family and friends indeed give her no respect, or are unable to give her what she needs, or that she may be unable to communicate what she needs, or that they, too, need help communicating in a helpful way with her. Either way, sounds like she’s in a place of discontent, and needs others to hear and see and feel it … Complicated things, people are, eh? And, yes, lotta questions remain …

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