One More Time


It was going to be a stretch, but the alternative was silence.

And they could not. Not with the possibility that someplace, someone, was still listening.

After all, you never knew what people managed behind closed doors with all kinds of inventions that obscured their virtual footprints from those who’d mine their minds for false and profit.

Hadn’t there been exploitation in them, too? In their own broadcasts?

“We hold to truth,” Boss said.

And fastened onto truth, they nodded.

“Good evening, folks,” they said with tight smiles flickering. “We have the news. After which we will bid you goodbye.”



For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers

Photo prompt © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


15 thoughts on “One More Time

    • Exactly Iain, what I had on my mind, and wondered about … Who knows, eh? Personally, twitter won’t do it for me, but as a whole, social media is taking a bigger ‘bite’ of communication than I am comfortable with … And the line between news and social media is getting blurrier all the time. …
      Thankfully, though, there’s still The PBS Newshour!

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    • Well, I think it is a matter of degree, which is why a broad approach (listening to more than one channel … and reading widely … and using good judgement and limiting social media as source ‘news’) is a good thing in general, and especially these days. I think one of the things to be careful about is NOT to become accustomed to listening only to one’s own echo chamber of those one ‘believes in’ but taking in a wider span of views. And … when it comes down to it, to be aware that we are none of us unbiased … We bring out biases to the table, too, so we best at least be aware of them, open to others pointing out our blind spots, and relying on facts and science and varied sources to make decisions.


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