His Insatiable Need



He is known for his insatiable


For drama.


Are his drug.

He requires frequent dosing

Of idolizing

Chants by crowds.

He does not believe in


Or in reason

Or in truth,

Which to him detract from

The ardent fervor

He craves as complete





For Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Histrionics in 48 words


24 thoughts on “His Insatiable Need

    • Ah, I am sure there are aspects in many politicians that crave attention and thrive on feedback from crowds. I guess they won’t be in this if they were shy introverts. While I don’t know if I can say it describes all politicians, probably many of them do fit aspects of this, or are at risk for becoming it.
      What’s quite clear to me is that some in current government around the world stand out more than others in their utter reliance on others’ adoration of their person and expectation of complete fealty and disregard of science or facts. Seeing that level of insatiable need makes me sad. Have a lovely rest of the weekend!

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