Blue Earth

Blue Earth NaamaYehuda

Photo: Na’ama Yehuda


On this Earth Day

As we are all


Cooped in

Holding on,

Blue around the fingertips

Blue around the lips,

Blue in oceans, and

In the reflections of the deep,

Blue in sorrow

Blue as sky lift

Dark sapphire

To the reified aqua

Of hope.

May we rise

Like the sun,

And not forget how

We can

Help each other




For Terri’s SundayStills: Earth



16 thoughts on “Blue Earth

    • Thank you, Terri! And … there are different kinds of blue … A friend of mine is worried about her parent, whose is in the hospital with COVID19 and whose blue lips were the last things she saw on video-chat before urging him to call the hospital. Another friend has a medically fragile child, whose blue’ish finger tips remind her of how oxygen is not something that little heart pumps easily even with healthy lungs. And then there is the beautiful dome of blue above our heads. And the blue-togetherness of clapping and banging pots and pans at 7pm every evening. And … the child who told me the other day “I’m feeling blue not seeing you.” So … we’re are all one. All on one blue marble hurtling through space, around the sun …


    • That is so very true! Personally, I am doing quite well, but I know of people who are really struggling, emotionally, personally, in their relationships … and that’s before all those who are physically ill or unwell or isolated because they tested positive for a disease that killed so many around here. So, yes, finding ways to support each other is so very important. Always, but especially in times like these. Hope you are well – or well enough!

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