Whale Of A Time

Photo prompt: Dale Rogerson



They sent the younger children on their way. They cleaned up after breakfast. Hung the wash. Made the bed. Picked up after the husband, the father in law, the older sons (who in almost all cases were sprawled, asleep, with an empty plate of this or that by their side, as boys of certain ages seem to be).

The market waited. And the dinner to start. But for the next hour, there was just them. Their gossip. Their shared stories of the minutia of struggles and laughter.

It was their sanity’s lifeline, midday at Juanita’s “Whale Of A Time.”



For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers


57 thoughts on “Whale Of A Time

    • Thank you, dear Rochelle!
      I think we all need lifelines in different times in our lives in different ways. And when one is buries under mountains of dishes, laundry, little hands and hungry tummies, one needs some respite with others who understand that no matter how much love there is in one’s heart, one needs some time to air out without the tasks at hand.
      Glad you had your lifeline in your friends. It is my blessing to anyone.


  1. I loved this – not so much the womenfolk doing all the cleaning up, but that’s a whole ‘nother story πŸ˜‰ – but the taking the time to be with each other.
    Sisterhood is such a strong bond.

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    • Yep, it is a strong bond … Also, alas in all too many places the reality is (whether I agree with it or not … ) that the womenfolk end up doing all the picking up … and cleaning up … and chasing after … and cooking and cleaning up again … BUT … at least I’m glad they are taking the time for themselves, too, in what way they can. Sisterhood is good.
      Lifesaving, often.
      Now, to raising boys (and girls) who clean up after themselves and grow up to be men (and women) who not only do that but offer to clean up after others (I know it is possible – I’ve seen it happen … πŸ˜‰ ).

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  2. Good for them to make time for themselves, but the laziness of men and boys in your story makes me angry. Time-wasters, life-stealers, the lot of them, in far too many places still.

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    • I think some men are indeed time-wasters (if we call adolescent boys that, at least in my story) or life-stealers (not sure who those would be in the story, but some men sure are, generally), and I agree that fewer men than should carry their own weight doing enough household chores. That said, there are many men who are hard working outside the home and do not waste time, and elders who’d spent their lives working hard but now need others to care for them.
      This does not excuse those who ARE time-waters and life-stealers (let alone those who are aggressive, violent, dismissive, abusive, and the such). Just saying that while I wholly agree with you that we need to raise boys and men to better appreciation of what ought to be done at home, and that girls and women aren’t their servants … Not all homes where there’s a division of roles, is one where men or boys are inherently lazy.
      I have friends where the woman works and the man is the homemaker and perhaps his description of his morning, picking up after three small children, washing up after breakfast, tending to the laundry, and finding a bit of time for himself while the youngest naps … won’t be all that different.
      It is a lot in the attitude and in the awareness, perhaps. And on that, I wholly agree, there are all too many places (and homes) where a woman is taken for granted when she should not.
      And … yes, good for her for making time for herself!


      • Oh, I agree, if someone wants to be a homemaker, that’s perfectly fine. Cleaning up after small kids, housework… all OK…. but for men and older boys to just expect having their mess cleaned up after them, and the women doing it… their laziness steals their wives’, mothers’ and sisters’ time. Time they could spend for their interests, their passions. That’s what I meant with life (time) stealers.

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