No Time

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Photo: Ofir Asif


She ran into the camp,

Braids streaming behind like ribbons

In wind,

Determined to be


For a time.

The women raised their heads,

Weary from tending to

Crops and overtired babies.

This time of year was plentiful in many things but

Not in time.

“What is it, child,” her elder asked,

The rhythm of rocking the cradles of milk

And infant

Adding a lilt to her aged voice,

Raspy from smoky fires and chaff

Of time.

“Help,” the young one breathed,

And stalled,

Needy of air and flooded by sudden doubt.

“Speak up, child,” her mother snapped,

Tight with worry for a girl-child

Chased home,

And the shadows

of another time.

The camp stilled.

A baby woke in cry.

“Come help,” the lass repeated, indignant,

No longer shy.

“The creek rises and a cow is screaming

Across the arroyo.

We have no time!”




For the dVerse prosery challenge


23 thoughts on “No Time

  1. The pace and short sentence lend your prosery a strong sense of panic, Namy, and I felt like I was running with the child, in the trail of her braids streaming like ribbons. I like the realism in the description of the women as ‘weary from tending to crops and overtired babies’, and the elder’s voice as ‘raspy from smoky fires and chaff of time’.

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  2. This felt exactly like a real child trying to spit the story out. You dragged it out the way the mother had to do it. Writing in in those short lines really added to the tale. It’s always so interesting to me how form and the way the words look of paper can add to the mood amd meaning of the writing.

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    • Thank you, Christine! I’m gratified to know that the form and wording worked to convey the meaning and scene and interaction in the way I’d intended. 🙂 Yay! Thank you for reading and commenting!


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