The Farm


Photo: Weston MacKinnon on Unsplash; Saskatchewan, Canada


“Look Papa!” the boy’s voice rose in excitement.

“I see,” the man replied. His deep voice resonated in the small space.

“You didn’t even move your head,” the young eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“I did not need to.”

The child exhaled and shook his head and the movement reminded the man of a yearling. Impatiently straining at the edge of youth, eager to race headlong into life.

The man eased the pressure on the pedal and moved his foot to the other, stopping the car.

“I am looking now,” he smiled. “Thank you, Son.”

The boy’s eyebrows rose but he asked nothing. They watched the buffalo together, the sun and field and beasts a golden-brown.

“Is this their farm?” the boy finally asked.

“It is their home,” the man replied. “The farm came to live on it.”

The boy nodded, his ancestors evident in his soulful eyes. “They are like us.”




For What Pegman Saw



33 thoughts on “The Farm

      • Humans have been brutal even when there was little cause for it, alas. Hopefully we will evolve beyond it soon, though current voices-in-power seem more inclined to hate than to incorporate.


      • We will all die. The question is, will we have lived with kindness and open minds and open arms and acceptance of the need for change and for knowledge and the possibilities of not repeating histories … or will we fall into the same traps of power, greed, fear, hate, xenophobia, and righteousness … all of which lead to more death and worse death besides.
        I’ve hope for humanity and I think there are many voices for the better and for tolerance and for empathy and for NOT repeating history. Will these voices prevail? We shall see.
        Meanwhile, there are soapboxes and technology to utilize … in the best way one can manage, I suppose.


  1. That last sentence, β€œThey are like us.”! It can be taken both ways but you have cleverly portrayed it in such a manner that one could not but take it as them being colonised with a simple phrase “his ancestors evident in his soulful eyes”. Very well written!

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